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Frequently Asked Questions

Website FAQs

  1. Why does it say that the website is "Under Construction"?

    Right now, our team is making the site better. To do that we have to let you know that some of the features that we are working might not work right. It's just our way of saying, "Get ready for something better!"

  2. Why is there background music?

    We added some music to keep you entertained while we "tweak" a few things! We hope you enjoy it. If not, please feel free to comment about it using our Comment form. Click here to submit a comment

  3. What is with the background image?

    The background was selected by the site owner as his favorite holiday is Christmas. It's purposely religiously neutral as it is meant to welcome all people. 

  4. Why does it say that I can't comment?

    This could be a limit set on your IP address because someone has flooded our server with inappropriate comments or suggestions. It could also be because our server is full. If that is the case we are working on it and will have it back up soon. If you feel you have reached that message in error please send an email to our site designer at [email protected] He'll be more than happy to take a look at it for you! 

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