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Corey Collett
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This forum is for appealing bans that were received by a Staffer in #coreyster on GeekShed! 

Ban Evading will result in a permanent IP ban, these bans WILL NOT be lifted!

If you have received and ban please ONLY appeal if you meet one of the following situations:

  1. You were banned because of a situation that was out of your hands (ie bot spamming) and you have fixed the problem and can guarantee that it will not happen again.
  2. This is your first ban and you promise that you have learned from your mistake. *Note: If you are banned and we remove it, that's your ONLY second chance! You will be expected to comply with all rules. Violations will result in a PERMANENT BAN! * (This is on a case-by-case basis! Logs will be checked and double-checked!)
  3. You were banned by a member that is not on our staff. (Very unusual) 
  4. You received a ban by error (This will usually be fixed by our staff soon after it happens; if not, please continue)
  5. You were banned as a result of someone else's actions. (This is determined on a case-by-case basis! Logs will be checked and double-checked!)
Botnetting, DDoS attacks, Pirating, and all ILLEGAL activities are not appropriate and are ILLEGAL! We do not condone those activities and your ban will NOT be removed if you have committed these acts! WE GLADLY SHARE ALL INFORMATION WITH AUTHORITIES! 

If you are satisfied that your ban qualifies, please follow these steps to have your bans removed:

  1.  Please reply to this topic, and make the first sentence read: COREYSTER BAN APPEAL.
  2. Include the Nickname you were using at the time of the ban
  3. Please include the reason for your ban (^^Located above^^)
  4. Include who banned you (The OP)
  5. Include the time at which you were banned (Timestamp info)
  6. Please include any information that you feel is important to help us lift your ban.
Sample Ban Appeal

Topic: Coreyster Ban Appeal

My name is Corey. I was using the nick: reallyawesomedude when I got banned by TMFKSOFT on Friday, December 10th at around 7pm . He said that I was using my bot to spam the channel. I have since fixed the problem and I guarantee that this will never happen again. I am sorry and I wish to return. Thanks.


(Your topic will be responded to as soon as a staffer is available.) 
Please allow at least 48 hours for your ban to be removed. We will need to speak with the person that banned you and look back through the logs of that day. If your ban is found to be in error, your ban should be removed within the first 12 hours. If we do not catch it, it may take longer. You will be invited when your ban is removed! Thanks for your cooperation. 



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IGN- CrazyFoolAlex

This is my first ban and I don't know why. I was told to come here to appeal it.

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im sorry that i griefed the nether wart i am not a griefer i did not realise that it was some wons  


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